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HOME collective was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2019 with the aim to combine genres and to bring musicians and artists from different musical fields together. As a result, listeners with diverse musical preferences have been exposed to a wide array of expressions throughout a concert or record, jumping from hiphop to jazz and from fusion to freely improvised parts. These musical shifts comes out as relaxed and natural, as the music always relies on, and finds its way back home to a sturdy groove foundation. The debut album "HOME", released on indie jazz label HOOB records january 2021, has been

well-recieved by reviewers and audiences. With a few liveshows performed before the pandemic hit, HOME collective longs to meet their audience live soon again.     




/Core group 

Core GroupAnchor
Took the initiative to form the collective in 2019.
A multitasker taking part in different stages and platforms, ranging from underground freejazz scenes to pop studio sessions, not seldomly swithing to the bass, guitar or keyboards.   

Ossian Ward


Responsible for most of the material of HOME collective as well as for the mixes. Ludvig works daily as a producer, shaping sounds and beats with a passion for exploring different sound ideals and musical styles. His own futuristic hiphop project goes by the name MODVO.   

Ludvig Ward


One of Sweden's most influential jazz pianists. Working with several projects, putting his remark on European jazz with a uniqe compositional and improvisational style.
Co-founder of HOOB records where "HOME" is released. 

Fabian Kallerdahl


Born and raised playing gospel, soul and rock music, Douglas Alin
lays the steady groove 
foundation of HOME collective's music. 
 Stockholm resident and a sought-after studio and touring musician, Douglas has been around the planet with different artists, shows and groups.

Douglas Alin


Known from an array of groups in the Nordic folk, world and pop scene, Ebba has a well-documented understanding of whats needed from her instrument in any given context. Her playing draws inspiration from around the globe and makes the beats of HOME collective what they are.   

Ebba Wigren


Alex's playing in HOME collective creates a natural and easy-listened pathway between unconvetional chords and danceable rhythms. Coming up with the kind of guitar lines that stays in your head keeps him busy playing studio sessions and live, backing up artists in Sweden and across the globe.    

Alexander Grönlund


Behind HOME


/Behind HOME


Palestine aka Ledr P, Vanessa Liftig, Tora Runevad Kjellmer, Jonas Liljeberg, Per Brehmer, Karolina Almgren


Henrik Büller & Hugo Sandsjö

Recorded at Elementstudion by Oskar Karlsson february, 2020

Mixed by Ludvig Ward

Mastered by Oskar Karlsson

Vinyl printed at Spinroad vinyl factory

CDs printed via

Released on HOOB records, january 2021

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